This Church, being a corporation comprised of participants of like precious faith, believing in the Lord Jesus Christ individually for eternal life through His vicarious death and the power of his resurrection, believing the Bible to be God’s Word and the revelation of His will to man and accepting it as the all-sufficient rule for faith and conduct, believing that Christian fellowship, mutual edification and evangelical effort, in and through, the form and body of local churches in God’s ordained order for His people and those of each local church are enjoined to assemble themselves together for worship, fellowship, counsel, and instruction in the Word of God, and the work of the ministry and for exercising of those gifts and offices provided for God in the New Testament, believing that the local church is charged by the Word of God to walk in the light of that Word by the Spirit in all godly fear and love, believing that these things are essential to obtaining the Christian goal, “Be ye therefore perfect even as your Father in heaven is perfect,” and further believing that God has called and anointed this Church and its pastors, officers, and participants and the Board to emphasize the fullness of the Gospel in and through the Baptism with the Holy Ghost (which is our distinctive testimony) according to the Scriptures (Acts 1:4, 5; 2:4; 39; 10:44-47; 19:2,6).
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